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The Definitive Guide to Finding Missing Pets!

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How Sherlock Bones Can Help You

Unlimited Consulting - $150

Receive unlimited telephone consulting with John Keane, Sherlock Bones, for a flat fee of $150. Call 800-942-6637 to set an appointment today!

• Step-by-step action plan personalized to your situation based on 30 years of experience.

• Eliminate second-guessing as to “Did I miss anything?”

• Complementary copy of “Sherlock Bones Guide to Finding Lost Pets”

Color Copies of your poster - .49c each

Copies are laser printed not on an ink jet. They won’t run if wet. Call us now to arrange for printing at 800-942-6637

• Why pay 90 cents or more per copy at copy centers?

• Free overnight shipping on orders of 250 copies or more.

• E-mail us your MS Word or .PDF poster for color copies sent to you at your doorstep.

Sherlock Bones Poster created for you - $75

You will receive the most effective poster, proven over 30 years. Call us now at 800-942-6637 to get started on your custom Sherlock Bones Master Poster.

• My easy to remember name and Logo are invaluable. Posters get taken down. Sherlock Bones is easy to remember. Our database makes it easy to find and contact you if anyone calls us about your pet.

• Call 800-942-6637 for our E-mail address and send us your pet’s photo.

• Your .PDF Sherlock Bones master will be E-mailed to you within an hour.

• Have color copies made anywhere, or we can print them for just .49c each and ship them to you overnight.

Custom Animal Shelter and Veterinary Mailing List - $75

We will create a customized MS Word list of Animal Shelters and Veterinary Hospitals, for you to mail your posters to. We will email you a file that prints directly onto Avery 5160 labels. Call 800-942-6637 to arrange for your mailing list!

• Alerts shelter staff if your pet winds up at distant shelter

• Animal hospital staff and Vets can call you if your pet is brought in

• Advertise your lost pet to thousands of animal lovers.

Sherlock Bones - The Definitive Guide To Finding Missing Pets


Testamonial #1

Dear Sherlock,
In total desperation, I downloaded your eBook on how to find a lost pet. I immediately put your methods to work and the next day our beloved dog was found. Anyone who has lost a pet should never give up and take whatever steps necessary to bring their pets home safely. Those important steps should start with some words of wisdom from you.

Gary Meng & Snickers
Chippewa Falls, WI


Dear Sherlock,
I lost my 2 year old cat Chloe, an indoor cat that loves to play outside. I didn't realize she was missing until she was already gone. I could not eat or sleep.

I downloaded your eBook, and within hours of doing everything you said; I found her soaked from the rain and very scared. I have never been so happy! I want to thank you so much. She was very hungry and happy to be home. Thanks to you I found my little girl.

Cindy Courson
Fort Myers, Fl

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